What is One Plan Health Insurance?

In South Africa there is often the misconception that good, reliable health insurance is only available for the rich, but with One Plan Health Insurance all that is about to change.

One Plan Health Insurance aims to make health care available to all by offering comprehensive and affordable health care plans to all. All One Plan Health Insurance clients are guaranteed admission to a variety of different private hospitals in case of an emergency or accident. This means that you will be able to rest assured knowing that you are covered in case of an emergency.

Furthermore One Plan Health Insurance’s medical cover extends across a range of dread diseases and medical services, including dentistry, acute medication, radiology, pathology, optometry and HIV/ AIDS, and you will also have access to a medical practitioner of your choice. And there are also a range of online goodies and deals that you will be privy to once you are a member, which means you will be able to save even more.

This means that One Plan Health Insurance is truly bringing affordable and comprehensive health care to South Africans. This means that you can sleep a little easier knowing that you will be covered in case of an emergency.

What Makes One Plan Health Insurers Different?

So what exactly makes One Plan Health Insurance different from all the masses of other health insurance plans out there? With One Plan Health Insurance you will not only receive impeccable medical services and value for money, but you will also be able to enjoy great online benefits and discounts.

With the 2 For 1 Rewards where you will be able to get discounts on almost everything from entertainment and travel to health and vitality memberships. Vouchers can be downloaded directly from the 2 For 1 Rewards site and directly redeemed at the merchant. This means it is quick and easy and that you will be able to live an even more productive and happy life.

What They Can Offer You

One Plan Health Insurance offers a wide array of products and services that are made to suite all the needs of modern South Africans and their families. The plans include a basic plan for R254 a month that will offer you hospitalization when you need it most.

Other plans also include a group plan for businesses, the Premier plan for ultimate health and hospital cover, and much more.

But in the end we all know that there is no better plan than planning for the future, and thus a small investment a month now can bring you a lifetime of peace of mind in the future, should the worse happen and you are no longer able to provide for your family.

What is the One Plan Health Insurance OneCard?

Are you sick and tired of having to pay for all of your medical needs and then having to wait to receive the money for your claims back? There is a company that is reversing the process and making claiming on your health insurance much easier.

One Plan Health Insurance has introduced a faster and better way of claiming for your medical needs with their Onecard. All claims will be paid directly to your Onecard, which means that you will have cash on hand when you need it most.

How the One Plan Health Insurance OneCard Works?

The One Plan Health Insurance Onecard is simple, quick and easy and all you need to do before you visit a doctor is to make a quick phone call. Before your medical visit simply phone 010 001 0141 and follow the voice prompts.

You will need to enter your claim criteria and amount, and once verified you will be sent a conformation SMS and your allocated amount will be paid directly to your Onecard. You will be responsible for any surplus amounts charged by the service provider. You might be asked to provide proof of payment, and thus it is always a good idea to keep your receipts.

The Onecard means that you will never have to pay your medical service provider and then claim back, because One Plan Health Insurance has reversed the process to make it more convenient for you.

Of you lose your card, or it is stolen or you lost your PIN number there is a R150 fee per card applicable.

Other Great Value added Benefits from One Plan Health Insurance

Besides just getting your claims back before you even visit a doctor, One Plan Health Insurance has a range of different value added benefits for all of their members. All members will have access to the 2 For 1 Rewards where they will be able to get great discounts on almost everything from travel, entertainment and much more.

This means that by simply becoming a member you will be able to save even more money, and you will be able to make sure you can treat yourself and your family. Furthermore you will have access to the 24hour emergency medical helpline. This helpline will give you and your family assistance when you need it most, and in the case of a justifiable medical emergency an ambulance will be deployed to take the member to the nearest applicable medical facility.

This means that by simply becoming a member of One Plan Health Insurance you will get so much more than just great comprehensive and affordable medical insurance. To get started it is as simple as sending an SMS to 31644 and they will call you back.

Medical Aid Takes Care of Your Health Care Needs

Today you cannot afford to be sick without a medical aid.  If you were to hear that you needed bypass surgery or you were involved  in an accident, would you have the financial means to pay for your hospital stay? You would not be the first person to have to sell their house to pay for sudden and unexpected medical costs. Accidents and ill health are not reserved for the frail and the aged; no matter how old or young you are, disaster can strike any time. Not only that, imagine having to endure having major surgery in a public hospital and perhaps even having to wait for surgery because there are so many people ahead of you.

A late diagnosis of a serious disease can be the difference between life and death, and in fact many times hospitalization could have been avoided in the first place by having had  timely medical attention.  It is  foolhardy to go without some kind of medical aid, and if you feel you cannot afford to make the monthly premiums, there are policies with high deductibles.

Group Health Insurance Foots Part of the Bill

People are lucky when they are working and their employer provides medical insurance at a better rate. Known as group insurance, employers cannot always choose their medical aid, and if they leave the company they lose their group insurance. With group insurance, look at the plan carefully to make sure you are covered for the things you regard as important, and most importantly, make sure you understand when the cover starts, because many medical aids only start to cover you from the third payment. When a person leaves their company they can opt to keep the medical insurance, but then they will have to pay in the amount that their company was paying for them.

Answer Some Questions before You Sign Up

Private medical aid is often more expensive, so to find out what kind of coverage you need, and to also avoid paying for unnecessary things, there are a number of factors to consider before you sign.

  • do you want your health insurance to cover  routine visits to the doctor?
  • do you want the freedom to see the specialist you want to?
  • is there someone in your family with a chronic illness?
  • how comprehensive do you want your plan to be?
  • how much can you afford to pay each month for your premium?
  • can you meet your deductible to get full coverage?

Anticipating health care needs for your future and investing in medical insurance can provide you with that peace of mind that you won’t have to hand in all of your life’s savings to pay for medical treatment. What is most important is that  you  know what you’re getting with a health insurance policy. If you are undecided, talk to an insurance broker who has all the expertise to offer you advice on the best plan  and the best rates.

Health Cover Will Give You Peace Of Mind

You need to be able to deal with health issues without experiencing any stress associated with a lack of adequate financial resources. It is better to be prepared for medical emergencies than be caught off guard. Getting healthcare cover will help with this and can be done even if you do not earn a big salary.

Knowing that you have adequate financial backing for your medical needs will contribute to your recuperation, Oneplan always gives you piece of mind. Your body will respond better to medication because it will be relaxed and focused on getting better. You will recover from your medical condition in no time.

Best Medical Attention

You will be able to be admitted to the best hospitals that provide superior medical attention. Health cover helps you get access to the best doctors and specialists around. Your medical emergency will be dealt with satisfactorily and you will get back to health and carry on with normal life.

Should you happen to be in an emergency and need immediate medical attention you can be rushed to the hospital without delay. Having medical aid means that you do not have to be a burden to anybody. Your family will not have to worry about paying the medical bill.

You need to do research to find out which provider will be suitable for your needs. Fortunately there are a number of good medical aid providers to choose from. Make sure you understand their terms and conditions before you join.

You need to get medical aid immediately so that you are protected in case of a medical emergency. Once you find the provider most suitable to your unique needs you must not hesitate to join. This is one of the necessary expenditures you will ever have to make.

You will not be young forever which means as you grow older you will have more medical needs. When this eventually happens you want to be sure that you have adequate cover. Do not let your judgement be clouded by having good health at the moment.

Your Budget Must Accommodate Medical Cover

There will always be other areas of your life where you can redirect some funds from. You must rearrange your budget so that medical aid contributions can be accommodated. Look at all the non essential expenditures you make on a monthly base and decide which ones you can live without.

With good health you will be able to lead a long and healthy life with very minimal stress. Securing your health is important that is why it should take priority. You will also start to be productive in other areas of your life. Your performance at work will also improve because you will be able to concentrate.

You and your spouse will never have to worry about the wellbeing of your children. If you happen to have small children that need constant medical attention they will be able to have their needs attended to. They will be able to receive the best medical attention from good hospitals.

If Your Budget Allows, Select Comprehensive Medical Cover

Not having  medical insurance puts dread in most people’s hearts because they fear having to queue up for a dodgy looking bed in a government hospital and be attended to medical staff who may never even have been to college. If you refuse to go to such a place, you may have to sell everything you own to cover the costs of a stay in a private hospital. Yes, there are medial aids that ask exorbitant premiums, but it you are prepared to do your research, there are health insurance providers whose premiums are based on the salary you earn. This means you can get hospital coverage at a reasonable cost and have tremendous peace of mind, at a small price.

Without Medical Cover You Settle for Second Best

Your health can be jeopardized by not having health insurance because often you put off going to a doctor because you don’t have the money to pay. A late diagnosis could make the difference between life and death. People without health insurance often make do with over-the-counter medications instead of getting the real thing, even when they have a serious illness.

The two main types of medical insurance are private and group insurance. Group insurance is wonderful while you are working, because your employer provides the health plan and still carries part of the cost. Small businesses don’t often offer health insurance coverage, and then private medical insurance is the next best thing. Health Insurance co-payment is something that many health insurance scheme members are unaware of until they actually need certain medical services and become liable for this unexpected expense.

Know What Your Health Insurance’s Co-Payment Is

Another thing to be aware of with health insurance cover of what is known as co-payment. This is a fee which usually applies to specialist medical expenses and is a fee which you, as the member will be liable for, for certain medical procedures. They are not set, so the amount will differ from one health insurance to the next. Do your research and make sure you understand co-payments and deductibles. Remember, whichever health insurance you are interested in, there are experts who will explain everything to you, and there are also customer reviews available on-line. This is important, because most members don’t understand some of the products they have bought.

Comprehensive Coverage is What Everyone Would Like

A comprehensive health insurance plan may be very expensive, but it will cover nearly all of your medical expenses. Things like chronic conditions, visits to your GP, your stay in a private hospital and prescription medications are all covered by a comprehensive plan.  If your budget will allow it, then it can be wonderful to select a comprehensive plan.  Make sure that the medical insurance you have selected will in fact fund the serious and expensive medical condition you have. Look at key aspects like hospitalization cover, level of medical cover, chronic benefits as well as the conditions for putting in a claim.

The History of Health Insurance in South Africa

For most of us health insurance is just another part of life, but in fact it was first introduced in the 1950’s in America and only came to South Africa in the 1980’s. The first health insurance products in South Africa started out as hospital cash back products, these products are still sold in many countries around the world.

And when health insurance first reached South Africa in the mid 1980’s this was one of the only products on the market, and by 1989 there were more than 50 000 policies sold in South Africa. This increased dramatically in the early 1990’s through the help of direct marketing and advertisements in the press.

The first health insurance plans to be sold in South Africa was only available on a group basis, but by the early 1990’s individual policy holders could get medical cover for themselves. And by 1991 there were at least 13 different South African insurance companies offering hospital cash or major medical policies to people.

Interestingly enough the dread diseases cover that most major health insurance companies offer throughout the world was first developed in South Africa in the mid 1980’s. Soon after the dread diseases cover was instituted disability products were also put on the market. And thus by this time health insurance started to resemble what we know today, but it still had a very long way to go into getting where it is today.

By 1994 the annual premiums for dread disease and disability cover reached about 21 million, meaning that a lot of people were buying into this to help give them peace of mind for when the unforeseen could happen to them, whilst at the same time the total premiums in South Africa for health cover reached R582 million.

By 1998 the market was truly booming and the annual premiums for dread diseases and disability had grown to R 535 million whilst premiums for permanent health cover had reached R870 million. This meant  that by the late 1990’s the health insurance industry in South Africa was truly booming, with more and more people taking advantages of the peace of mind that health insurance cover brings.

Since that time most health insurance companies have added a long list of different products to their lists, including HIV AIDS cover. And because South Africa is one of the countries with the highest rate of HIV AIDS infection it was a milestone day when the first health insurance scheme introduced a programme specifically designed for the needs of those infected with AIDS.

Health insurance programmes are constantly changing themselves to suit the needs of the modern individual and family like One Plan. And thus in a few years’ time health insurance companies will have a long list of different products on offer to suit the needs of everybody in south Africa. Thus there is no knowing what new products will be on the market in a few years’ time.

Health Insurance In South Africa

It has been said that health insurance in South Africa is not cheap, and that is true. But with the rising costs of medical care around the world it is still a better idea to get health insurance rather than being stuck when you are sick and unable to take care of yourself.

But on the other hand there are a lot of health insurance plans that are very affordable and that will give you and your family the cover that you need when you need it most, like One Plan. Most health insurance plans in South Africa will have different options that you can choose from, and this means that there is sure to be a plan to suit the needs of your family.

It is always a good idea to compare all of the different health insurance companies and to get a quote from all of them before you make a decision. This will give you the time and the facts to make a well informed decision on what type of cover will be best for you. Also just keep in mind that there are a lot of companies out there that will give you a lot of value added benefits if you join their company.

This means that you will also need to keep this in mind when you start to figure out which plan will be best for you. So if you still need some help on how to find the best health insurance for your needs, then take a look at some of these factors that you will also need to keep in mind.

What You Need To Know

In South Africa when you join a health insurance company pre-existing conditions will not be covered within the first year of cover. This also means that if you are pregnant before you join a health insurance company you will not be covered. This is because a lot of pregnant women just joined a health insurance company when they found out that they are pregnant, and then just left the scheme after they have given birth. This means that the health insurance company then had to cover all of the costs out of their own pool.

Due to the fact that South Africa has the one of the highest number of HIV AIDS infections in the world there are a lot of health insurance companies and plans that will offer you cover for this. But just keep in mind that you will most likely have to pay a higher premium each month due to the fact that you will need more medical care.

If you want to get cover for your children you will first need to get cover for yourself, as no health insurance company in South Africa will make a child a main member of a health insurance company. So you will need to keep all of this in mind before you decide which plan will be best suited for you and your family.

Pet Health Insurance in South Africa

South African’s are truly pet loving people, so it is no wonder that there is medical aid plans specifically designed for your pet. Because pets are a part of the family, it can be very distressing if they fall ill and need to have surgery or need urgent medical attention. And getting the proper health care for your pet can be just as expensive as you having to go to the hospital or the doctor.

Thus if you truly love your pet and want the peace of mind that they will be taken care of when they are ill or in an accident then getting medical aid cover for them is a must. A lot of people have found themselves in in a difficult situation where they have to choose between spending thousands on medical care for their pet, or to put them to sleep. This can be a very hard decision, but if you have medical cover for your pet you will never have to make that decision again, as you will always know that your best friend will be take care off.

Why Your Pet Needs Cover Too

Pet insurance might sound like a new thing to you but it has been around since 1992 in South Africa, and a lot of other countries have a thriving pet medical aid industry. Getting medical aid for your pet means that you will never have to worry about their medical bills ever gain. Especially if you take into consideration that some cats and dogs can reach almost 20 years of age, and parrots can get almost as old as a human.

So if you calculate all the medical bills that your pet will incur over their lifetime then you will realise that getting pet insurance will be a very good idea to help them stay happy and healthy. After all there is no way that you can place money on the love and joy that your pet brings to your life.

Thus if you take into consideration that vets can be just as expensive, or even more so than doctors then you will realise that it is truly a smart move to invest in your pet’s future health and wellbeing. And because most people have more than one pet, you will be able to get discounts for the more pets that you add t6o your account. This means that you can get comprehensive cover for all of your pets at a reduced cost. And just like normal medical aid plans there are also a lot of different plans that you can choose from to suit the needs of your pets. By having this type of medical care you will be able to give your pet the best life that they deserve and you will be able to make sure that they are well looked after for the rest of their life.


The Benefits of Switching to One Plan Health Insurance

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a health insurance provider that gives you value for money and some extra goodies, gifts and discounts just for being one of their customers? Dream no more, because finally there is a health insurance provider in South Africa that offers all these extra benefits and gives you comprehensive cover and peace of mind all in one.

One Plan Health Insurance is new to the South African market and will offer you discounts and shopping vouchers on over 300 trusted brands. All for simply being one of their valued customers. Now that is how health care should be!

The benefits of switching to One Plan Health Insurance are endless, and with numerous health care plans to choose from, there is sure to be one to fit your needs and those of your family. Whether it is a simple hospital plan, a tailor made plan for those over 65 years or a plan for your company and employees, One Plan Health Insurance offers it all, and more.

Just take a look at why it pays to switch to One Plan Health Insurance today.

Extra Goodies Just for You

With the 2 For 1 Rewards the discounts and savings are endless. Vouchers can be directly downloaded from the website and then exchange at a merchant for your great discounts and savings, and with offers from more than 300 brands you will be spoilt for choice.

Online Self Service

And making life even easier is the online self-service portal on the One Plan Health Insurance website, which means that you can quickly and easily check your policy information, claims history, personal details and more. This means that you will always be in the loop and know what is going on with your policy.

Plans To Suit Every Need at Every Price

One Plan Health Insurance started out with just three simple plans, but since then they have extended their plans and range of cover to now include more than twelve different plans that are all tailor made to suit the needs of different South Africans.

This means that One Plan Health Insurances has truly become a one-stop shop for all your health and medical needs and with their ever growing range of discounts and goodies available with the 2 For 1 Rewards there really is no reason not to join their growing family of loyal customers and clients. Check out the One Plan Health Insurance website to find out how thousands of South Africans have benefited from switching to One Plan Health Insurance and how they are scoring big on amazing and exclusive online deals.


The Importance of Health Insurance

Even though the costs of proper health care is constantly on the rise, there are still a lot of people that think that having a health insurance is not worth the money because they are fit and healthy and in good shape. But no matter who you are and how well you look after yourself there is always the risk that you could land up in hospital with a serious illness or due to an accident.

And if you do not have the proper cover to take care of you when you need it most you might find yourself in a lot of financial trouble. Because nobody knows what the future will hold and what might happen, and this is why it is crucial to have a proper health insurance plan for when you need it most.

It is never too late to join a health insurance plan and get yourself covered, but if you are over the age of 35 years old and you have never belonged to a health insurance plan then you might be subjected to a late joiners penalties, which means that you will have an extra fee to pay each month for that. Thus the sooner you join a health insurance plan the better it will be for you and your wallet.

Thus if you want to make sure that you are covered no matter what might happen in the future then you need to join a health insurance plan today. Because nobody knows what the future might hold and thus it is crucial to have a plan for when the unforeseen strikes.

What is Health Insurance?

Basically health insurance plans is a plan that offers you protection for when you fall ill and have to go to the doctor or when you end up in hospital. This means that if you have a health insurance plan you will receive cover for almost any type of medical need, including hospitalisation, dentist visits and hospitalisation.

But it also depends on what type of health insurance plan you choose, because there are various different plans that you can choose from. From basic plans that will give you minimum cover to more comprehensive plans that will offer you cover for almost anything that you will need.

But if you are getting a health insurance for the first time then it is a good idea to first start out with one of the most basic plans so that you will be able to gage what your medical needs are. And if you find that you need more cover you can always just upgrade you plan to get more coverage if you need it. There are also extra plans that you can get, including extra dental cover or extra medication cover. This means that you can tailor make your own plans to suit your needs when you need it.